July Councillor Report

Below is a snapshot of Pauline’s council activities.

The Draft Canada Bay Comprehensive Local Environment Plan (LEP) 2012

The draft LEP is intended to establish broad controls for future land use and development across Canada Bay. It came back to Council with amendments, after receiving 226 submissions while it was on exhibition.

A separate report was prepared by an independent consultant regarding the reclassification of Council owned land. Concord Library will retain the zoning of ‘community land’, but Five Dock Library is proposed to be changed to an ‘operational’ zoning, which allows for long term lease or sale. I was the only councillor who voted against the change for Five Dock Library.

The amended LEP will be re-exhibited for 28 days for further comments.

After requests for re-zoning, a strategic study commissioned by Council for Parramatta Rd, Five Dock, industrial area and Five Dock town centre made some recommendations which would maximise employment opportunities. I was ready to adopt the recommendations of the study, but the other councillors voted to defer action on this.

Waste Management

Council agreed to endorse a plea to Ministers about waste management from the South Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC). The waste services have been privatised, but now the councils are asking for the state or federal governments to take control again.

The only sites available to these councils as transfer stations or waste disposal are owned or controlled by two private companies. Landfills used are Lucas Heights (filling fast) and Woodlawn, which could end up with a monopoly. Moreover, current NSW regulations present a barrier to Energy from Waste technologies. SSROC asks for waste management to be recognised as an essential service.

Functions, meetings and community events attended by Pauline:

  • Citizens Panel meeting, Drummoyne Oval; Yaralla Bushcare group; 23.6.12
  • Councillor workshop: 26.6.12
  • Sustainable City Committee Meeting; 28.6.12 
  • Canada Bay NAIDOC Week cruise; 8.7.12 
  • Council meetings: 10.7.12; 17.7.12
  • Visit to Chiswick bushcare group; 14.7.12 

Pauline Tyrrell, Greens Councillor, City of Canada Bay Council

(you are welcome to ring me on 9713 5780 on any Council matter or for more details.)

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Protect Canada Bay from Coal Seam Gas Exploration

Protect Canada Bay from Coal Seam Gas Exploration

Protect Canada Bay from Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Exploration

Pauline Tyrrell at "No CSG Rally' on 1 May 2012

Pauline Tyrrell at “No CSG Rally’ on 1 May 2012

Pauline Tyrrell was one of 4,000 people who rallied outside State Parliament recently to stop CSG mining under both the Sydney metropolitan area and in prime agricultural land all over NSW. There is growing concern that CSG mining interferes with underground water systems. And the heavy vehicle movements associated with this activity could cause havoc in areas such as the Inner West. Many may not realise that there is a current CSG exploration licence which covers all the land under the Canada Bay Council area.

After the  rally, Pauline moved a motion for Canada Bay Council to oppose CSG mining and exploration until it can be proved to be sustainable and to call on the Premier to ban CSG mining and exploration in the Sydney basin.

The story was published in the Inner West Courier (23/5/12)

Anglicare Australia’s Rental Affordability Snapshot

On 30th April 2012, Ms. Kasy Chambers  (executive director) released a report on how affordable it is to rent in Australia. The report, entitled: “Rental Affordability Snapshot” demonstrates how the private market has failed Australians from a low socio economic background.

On a weekend in April 2012, Anglicare agencies undertook research of rental properties that were being advertised. The purpose was to check how affordable these properties were for households solely on receipt of Government benefits and households that relied on the minimum wage.

‘Affordability’ is classed as spending up to 30% of a low household income on rent.

Here are some of the quotes from their media release:

“What the Snapshot shows is that people on the minimum wage need two incomes to rent a house. In many places even that is not enough,” Ms Chambers said.

“And for those trapped on the NewStart, supporting parent or youth allowance there is absolutely nothing suitable available at all.

“In our largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, with over 20,000 properties advertised between them less than 40 properties were considered suitable across all of the household types.

“In our regional areas too, housing for families on a low income is virtually non-existent with results like 2% of available properties in the Southern Tablelands in New South Wales for a single parent on the minimum wage or 6% of properties in Gladstone for a family of four.

“Anglicare’s Snapshot gives an insight into the experience of housing stress, makes it clear how distant safe and secure housing is for hundreds of thousands, even millions, of Australians, and raises the question of why it isn’t a true national priority.