Council documents for review in early 2020

Please consider providing feedback on these important Canada Bay Council policies on the environment, housing and development standards.

The purpose of this page is to provide the information so that Greens members and the community can see what is proposed and provide feedback to Council. Members of the Canada Bay Greens (CBG) should please circulate their feedback on our internal email list for discussion. Community members can provide direct feedback to Council, but Councillor Charles Jago would appreciate a copy of your feedback. You can use our contact page, or the details on the Canada Bay councillor contact page.

1. Environmental plan and policies

The environmental plan and emissions reduction plan are already accessible on the council website – community feedback closes on Friday 24 January!

Key documents on display by the council include:

The Council has supporting documents on a different location. These documents include:


Documents Notes
These documents provide information on the Council’s plan for biodiversity. While I find it reassuring that Council has made commitments in this area, I find it a matter of concern that the targets all essentially aim for no further loss of biodiversity, rather than identifying gaps to be restored.
Local Movement Strategy v1 The Local Movement Strategy, prepared by consultants, includes walking, cycling, motor vehicles and public transport across the City of Canada Bay. It makes recommendations for targets and some specific changes. The council strategy also refers to the bike plan which is still underway. I found the section on cycling quite disappointing.
Urban Tree Canopy Strategy v1 Currently urban forest covers something over 18% of the area of Canada Bay LGA. This plan sets a target of at least 25% tree canopy coverage by 2040, an increase of over 6%. This strategy document provides the background, details and benefits of doing this.

2. Planning and affordable housing rules

In its December 2019 meeting, Council adopted changes to its planning and affordable housing rules, which had been on public exhibition. They now go to the State Government for final approval. This page provides access to the documents as circulated before the council meeting.

Council is no longer taking feedback on these items, but the community is not much aware of the changes. There are some significant gaps which still need to be discussed.


Category Documents Notes
Planning/ Development
  1. LSPS Planning Proposal
  2. 2019Dec03_ClMtg_Item 2_Attach 2_Draft DCP Local Character Areas
  3. Sydney Airport Draft Master Plan 2039 Acoustic Review
The Planning Proposal document (1) defines all of the changes proposed for the local environmental plan, based upon the LSPS (Local Strategic Planning Statement) and other assorted changes. It also notes key changes to be found in the backup documents. Based on this document, Council has resolved to put the Planning Proposal, Local Character Areas DCP and the Housing Contribution Scheme on public exhibition for 8 weeks, which I understand starts in January or February. That process includes permission from the state government before being available to the public.

Page 15 of the Planning Proposal summarises recommendations on aircraft noise, based on the Sydney Airport Draft Master Plan 2039 Acoustic Review.

  1. Local Housing Strategy
  2. Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme
  3. Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme – Appendix A – Housing Needs Assessment
  4. Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme – Appendix B – Affordable Housing Viability
  5. Draft Affordable Housing Contribution Scheme – Appendix C – References
The Planning Proposal document adds new provisions on affordable housing into Canada Bay’s updated Local Environmental Plan. Different rates apply in different parts of the Canada Bay LGA, as a percentage of the total gross floor area (GFA). A rate of 5% applies in Rhodes and Rhodes East, while a rate of 4% applies in the areas of Kings Bay, Burwood, and Homebush along the Parramatta Road corridor.

Appendix A, the Local Housing Needs Assessment, provides the demographic and policy framework for affordable housing in Canada Bay.

Appendix B, the affordable housing viability assessment, provides the analysis and economic justification for the rates in the policy. Given that the Greens are calling for an affordable Housing rate of 15%, this needs to be critically reviewed.


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