Petition: Overdevelopment in Canada Bay

To the Honourable the President and Members of the NSW Legislative Council, this petition of certain citizens of NSW notes that:

The NSW government is forcing major overdevelopment across the City of Canada Bay. This includes an additional 4,200 apartment dwellings in Rhodes even though the current train system is already at full capacity. It also includes medium and high density (expect twenty storeys plus) along Parramatta Road in Concord and Five Dock, as part of the Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transport Strategy (PRCUTS).

These developments come without the sporting fields, high schools and other health, transport and community infrastructure to support the additional residents.

Your petitioners therefore request that this Parliament ensures:

  • A major upgrade to the passenger capacity of the Northern Line Railway (T9);
  • Delivery of the Rapid Transit System promised to connect Burwood station to the CBD along Parramatta Rd as a key support to the PRCUTS precincts including Concord/ Burwood and Kings Bay;
  • An independent, comprehensive study of future needs for school places within Canada Bay LGA, plus additional funding for Concord High School to meet the federal SRS school funding standard.

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