Council elections 2021

Council elections have now been postponed for a second time. They are now scheduled for Saturday, 4th December 2021. Prepoll voting opens on 22nd November.

Voting is compulsory. Check that everyone you know is enrolled to vote. Enrol with the NSW Electoral Commission.

Help us re-elect Greens councillor Charles Jago.

Key issues

Here are the Greens views on the key election issues for Canada Bay Council:


The Greens are the only party consistently challenging the large-scale overdevelopment being created by the NSW Government, which favours big developers’ high-rise towers and profits above community needs.


Charles Jago has initiated council policies to reduce emissions, increase renewables, and treat climate change as an emergency.

The Greens are leading the push in local government for substantially more effective policies to reduce carbon emissions and prepare councils to prevent and mitigate catastrophic climate change with better policies in planning, development and council operations.

A new local public high school:

Canada Bay LGA needs a new local public high school. One new high school in Wentworth Point will not be enough.

Increase affordable housing

With the government forcing additional dwellings on Canada Bay LGA, this is the time to ensure a mix of additional affordable housing.

See more in our flyers:

Also see our page on overdevelopment.

Greens candidates

Our full ticket is as follows:

Charles Jago, a current Greens councillor and candidate for mayor, leads the Greens team. A long-term local resident, he understands local issues such as transport, childcare, libraries and sustainability. His professional experience includes the energy, information technology, adult education and community development sectors.
Pauline Tyrrell, during her 12 years as a Greens Councillor on Canada Bay Council, championed residents’ rights, promoted community programs and lobbied for a new primary school for Concord West. She is now a Canada Bay Bushcare volunteer.
Alice Mantel’s diverse career as a lawyer has included work in the criminal, civil, and family areas of law. She now writes professionally on women, aged care, retirement and the law.
Sundar Mahtani is a tenant advocate from Concord West with a background in community groups like the King Street Area Residents’ Group.
Jan Finkelstein is a retired primary school teacher who has lived in Concord West for nearly 40 years.
Steve Maxwell, a retired plumber, artist, soapbox orator and writer, has lived in Chiswick for 32 years.

Campaign launch – postponed

We have postponed the Canada Bay Greens campaign launch BBQ (previously set for Saturday 3 July) due to COVID. 

When we hold the event, we will have outspoken MP Jamie Parker speaking about key issues for all inner west residents in this election. Charles will also speak on the key issues in Canada Bay, especially overdevelopment.

At that time, you can hear about the issues, and meet the team candidates and other volunteers in the campaign. The BBQ will be our fundraiser for this campaign. All food will be provided but please bring your own alcohol.

Please register for this COVID-safe event.

Help our campaign

Please contact us by email, there’s lots to do.

Please donate

Please donate to our campaign, standing up for local residents and local issues. The Greens don’t take donations from developers or companies. Click here to donate to the Greens election campaign in Canada Bay.

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