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About Canada Bay Greens

The Canada Bay Greens are a group of people with a positive vision for a sustainable, fair and peaceful society and especially concerned about the challenge of climate change to protect our environment. We are an independent Greens local group affiliated with and supporting the policies of Greens NSW, which is affiliated with the Australian Greens.

Greens parties all over the world are guided by four basic principles. The four pillars are:

  • Environmental sustainability.
  • Social and economic justice.
  • Peace and non-violence.
  • Grassroots democracy.

What we do

We are residents committed to making our local area a great place to live. We have had a Greens councillor on the local council since 1999. Since 2017, Charles Jago has been on Council and has successfully introduced measures to improve housing energy efficiency, declare a climate emergency and halt new gas installations in Council buildings.

We run candidates and campaigns in the:

  • Federal seat of Reid: from Drummoyne in the east to Auburn in the west;
  • NSW seat of Drummoyne: from Drummoyne in the east to Rhodes and North Strathfield in the west; and
  • City of Canada Bay Council, with an area similar to the NSW seat of Drummoyne.

As active community participants, members regularly attend resident action meetings on key issues.

What you can do

You can choose to become a member.

With the Greens at a rally

You can become a supporter by volunteering in our election campaigns to increase the number of Greens representatives. Things you can do:

Please use the contact page if you are interested in volunteering with us.

Find out more

About Canada Bay Greens and local issues

About Greens NSW: https://greens.org.au/nsw

Australian Greens: https://greens.org.au/

Donate our campaigns for council, NSW and federal elections.

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