Key Issues

Climate and Environment

At the state and federal levels, Australia is way behind, with action needed to stop extinctions, especially in key ecosystems. Meanwhile, the Greens are leading the push in councils for better climate and environmental policies. See more…

Climate emergency

Scientists have made it clear that the world faces a climate emergency. The future looks dire with urgent action required. Local Government has a a strong role to play in tackling climate. Canada Bay Council passed a motion declaring a climate emergency on 17 September 2019. See more…

Concord Hospital

The government has opened a new cancer centre and geriatric facilities at Concord Hospital. The government has sidelined major work required in the core areas of Concord Hospital, leaving staff with no hope of bringing most of the hospital up to a modern standard. The health system’s ongoing crisis continues with exhausted, underpaid hospital staff, while hospitals cannot meet demand. The health system needs more funding, more staff and a new vision. See more on the Concord Hospital page


The NSW Government is imposing unsustainable development on this area. We have overloaded infrastructure like crammed trains, roads, schools, hospitals and open space. Yet the NSW Government plans even more development, with 20-storey or more high-rise developments for Rhodes, and for Concord and Five Dock along Parramatta Road.

The Greens support good development, with the infrastructure the community needs. The Greens speak for the community, not developers. We don’t take developer or corporate donations.

The Greens want a complete overhaul of NSW planning laws to reflect the interests of residents and the environment, rather than following the dictates of developers. We are also asking for an independent review of plans for further development in Rhodes. See more on overdevelopment.

Why we need a new public high school in Canada Bay

Shamefully underfunded and overcrowded, Concord High School operates at more than 40% over capacity, with approximately 1,300 students attending a school built for 900. There are anecdotal reports of unmet demand, including a substantial number of would-be attendees of Concord High going to local Catholic High Schools.

However, local population growth will create far greater future demand, with recent data showing that the number of students in the Concord High catchment area will grow by nearly 2,000 students within 15 years. Despite the new high school scheduled to open in Wentworth Point close to the Canada Bay LGA and a reported planned expansion of Concord High by 240 places by 2031, an additional secondary school must be built in Canada Bay LGA by 2030 to meet the increasing need for high school places. Read more…

Increase affordable housing

Rents are unaffordable and growing, with home prices out of reach and huge waiting lists for social housing. For the Greens, housing is a necessity for everybody, not just something for investors to get a return on. The Greens’ plan will secure the rights of renters and construct 300,000 energy-efficient new homes in NSW over 20 years. See more…