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Make a difference on what matters - 
Support Canada Bay Greens by volunteering:
communications, letterboxing, stalls, prep-poll, and election day March 25.

The Greens are inviting volunteers for our campaign in the NSW seat of Drummoyne, with the NSW election just weeks away. Please help us as we raise important issues in this campaign like action on climate change, changes to stop corruption in government, overdevelopment, transport, education, health and more…

We offer an interesting, participative opportunity for volunteers to join our campaign and contribute to positive change in politics. We are interested in volunteers of all ages, but are especially interested in younger people.

To participate, please:

  1. Register for our program launch BBQ on 4th February with Senator Mehreen Faruqi, where you can meet current members and other volunteers, and hear about the issues in the campaign.
  2. Send us an email at, a) mentioning your interests and skills, and b) booking in for our orientation program scheduled for 11th February, from 2-5pm. Volunteers who are not available for these dates can still work with us, but please attend if you can. We will schedule a second orientation if necessary.

Thanks for considering helping the Greens.

Ways to volunteer

Saturday street stalls 10am to midday

This activity is about contact with the public. We hand out leaflets and talk to people. This is important because people rarely change their views on something without having a discussion with somebody about it. We always work ensure new volunteers in this activity have experienced people to support them.

Election Day

This is really important. Having people give out “How to Votes” makes a real difference to the number of people voting Green. Please reserve this day to work with the Greens.

Handing out at trains and ferries: 7.30-8.30am weekdays

We will be handing out flyers at stations in the morning between now and the election. Our stations to cover are: North Strathfield, Concord West, Rhodes.

Stops to cover: Cabarita, Abbotsford, Chiswick, Drummoyne.


For the week before the election, giving Greens “how to votes” to people who are voting early.


• Display a Greens sign in your garden, balcony or front window.
• Letterboxing – putting greens flyers in letterboxes

To contact us on any of these, please send an email to

Thanks for considering this.