Public meeting on overdevelopment

Overdevelopment in Burwood

Overdevelopment in Burwood

“If we want a liveable city that isn’t overwhelmed by rows of apartment blocks linked by traffic-jammed private motorways, we must fix the rigged planning system.
“Our planning system has little vision for the future, no voice from the community and prioritises profit. It’s time for that to change.”

David Shoebridge MLC

Public meeting

10th March 2021, at 7.15pm for 7.30 – 9.00 pm

Concord Community Centre
1A Gipps Street, Concord (50 m from Burwood Road)

Hear the speakers and join the conversation in an extended Q&A session in this public meeting

  • Jamie Parker MP, Greens Spokesperson for Planning and Heritage
  • Jenny Leong MP, Greens Spokesperson for Housing and Homelessness (including Renters)
  • Councillor Charles Jago, City of Canada Bay Council
  • Ned Cutcher, Greens candidate for Burwood Council
  • Event MC: Pauline Tyrrell, former Deputy Mayor of Canada Bay Council

See the flyer on the meeting, with specific information on the areas that will be discussed.

See the media release.

See Charles Jago’s slides and Ned Cutcher’s slides.


Registrations are now open. Please RSVP for this COVID-safe event. There are only limited spaces available so reserve your place soon.

Causes of overdevelopment

The NSW Government has tilted the planning rules in favour of developers and greater development, and has removed many of councils’ powers:

  • The NSW government must approve all key council planning documents, and imposes changes on them.
  • The government sets compulsory targets for councils to approve new dwellings. It requires Canada Bay Council to approve a target of 21,150 new dwellings between 2016 and 2021. Yet councils are starved of the funds to build infrastructure for the growing population.
  • Councillors no longer approve developments. Decisions are now made by a “local” panel appointed from a list of government approved experts, who must follow government rules. Council appoints one community representative who can be outvoted.
  • The rules for “complying development” and “exempt development” reduce the time for approvals, but can also create inappropriate development. The Greens want a complete overhaul of NSW planning laws to reflect the interests of residents and the environment, rather than following the dictates of developers.


See the Canada Bay Greens submission on the plans for overdevelopment in Rhodes.






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