Canada Bay Greens submission on council amalgamations

A major issue affecting the people of Canada Bay, and across Sydney, is the NSW Government’s controversial council amalgamations, with the Government intending to amalgamate the councils of Canada Bay, Burwood and Strathfield, amongst many others across NSW.

Here is the Canada Bay Greens submission regarding the proposed merger.

Related issues include:

  • Westconnex, the NSW Government’s tollway nightmare, related because amalgamated councils will be less connected to local opposition by people whom this badly affects. Also,
  • “Urban Growth” which imposes the Government’s overwhelming skyscraper development plans on Sydney residents who have little idea about it, and little chance of affecting the outcomes. Again, council amalgamations make it harder for local opposition by disconnecting people from the council supposed to represent them.

Westconnex and “Urban Growth” are similar in that both impose massive change on residents, who have little chance to object, and are paid low recompense when their land is compulsorily acquired.

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