Morrison’s real failure is his refusal to treat refugees as human beings

The Abbott Government must commit to quickly and fairly processing the asylum claims of 157 Tamils who will reach the Australian mainland”, said Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

“The Immigration Minister is a spectacular failure by his own measure, as well as the measure of the international community and decent, caring Australians, said Senator Hanson-Young , Green’s  immigration spokesperson.

“The Abbott Government has spent weeks showing nothing but contempt for the Parliament, the courts and the Australian people’s right to know by acting illegally and failing to treat refugees as human beings with dignity.

“This shameful spectacle, that has seen the government making up cruel policy on the run, will continue until the people on this boat are offered genuine and permanent protection.  The Abbott Government must guarantee that the people on this boat will be given access to their lawyers.

“After the traumatic experience that the children on this boat have been put through, the Government must give assurances that they won’t be sent to Nauru or Christmas Island.

 (25/7/14 Sen Sarah Hanson-Young)


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