Public transport rally – 17th February

I attended the public transport rally to draw attention to the need for change in the public transport sector. Clean accessible public transport is the only system capable of moving most people across Sydney. The problem is, it’s overcrowded and the NSW government has failed to step up with the major improvements we need. In the week preceding this rally, the government announced privatisation arrangements for Inner West buses. Meanwhile, they have dropped the ball on real improvements.

They could do a lot: they could fast track trams along Parramatta Road (and all around Sydney). There is a plan for  Parramatta Rd electric trams that doesn’t even require tram tracks! But that plan got dumped without even consulting the public.

They could electrify the buses. And they could stop wasting our money on Westconnex. And especially they could stop privatising public transport which will essentially freeze it the way is, that is until the operators start to chip away at services to make a bit more money! Today I went to the rally in Sydney to support public transport. Former councillor, Pauline Tyrrell attended the rally with me.

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