Canada Bay Council votes unanimously to remain independent

In a blow to the NSW Government’s plans to create huge super councils in Sydney  Canada Bay Council has voted unanimously to remain independent.

A report by Council staff noted that merging with the six inner west Councils recommended by the NSW Government would cost ratepayers $96m in transition costs and result in a funding shortfall of $70m which would require 10 years of operation to break even.

Greens Councillor Pauline Tyrrell successfully moved the motion that Canada Bay submit a stand alone proposal to the NSW Government.

‘I congratulate all my fellow councillors for their support of the independence of Canada Bay.’ said Clr Tyrrell.

‘Canada Bay Council was formed by an amalgamation of Drummoyne and Concord Councils in 2000. We know how disruptive an amalgamation can be and how long it takes the scars to heal.’

‘With 87,000 residents, a growing population and sound financial performance there is no reason Canada Bay should be forced to merge, particularly when 70% of residents surveyed independently said they want to remain as Canada Bay.’

‘I particularly congratulate my Liberal councillor colleagues for being clear that they support an independent Canada Bay and also having the courage to vote how they did even though it does not accord with the NSW Liberal Government agenda.’

‘I also want to thank the Mayor of Canada Bay for his clear support of my motion and allowing full debate on all the options.’

‘I understand that Auburn, Burwood and Leichhardt Council have all reluctantly said that if they have to amalgamate they would do so with Canada Bay. I hope this vote at Canada Bay sends a message that we represent our community who have said no to amalgamations, and we will not amalgamate with any of those Councils.’

Clr Pauline Tyrrell

Mob. 0438 694 652

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