Re-elected! Thanks to everyone.

By Councillor Charles Jago

Now that the ABC has listed me as re-elected to Canada Bay Council, I would like to say thankyou to everybody who supported me in my election. Especially, thanks to everybody who helped on the campaign.

For this election, the Greens have campaigned strongly on overdevelopment and the need for more high school places in this LGA. These will remain key issues that I will continue to highlight in the next term of Council. In addition, I will be seeking, with other councillors, to also introduce changes in the following areas:

  • Greater protection of trees from being cut down in new developments.
  • An ambitious program to support greater installation of renewables and household efficiency measures in all types of buildings, including renters and less-well-off residents.
  • More cycling infrastructure
  • Increased EV charging infrastructure across Canada Bay LGA
  • A program to replace all council vehicles with electric vehicles as they become due for replacement.

These build upon the work that I have achieved with the support of other councillors in my first term. I would welcome more discussions with local residents on these and any other matters of concern.

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