Trees on Tennyson Road, Mortlake

This morning I went to Mortlake with the aim of protecting eight mature trees on Tennyson Road Mortlake (next to Breakfast Point). The Canada Bay Council, in responding to local requests for a footpath, had slated eight beautiful old paper-bark trees for removal as part of the work, because of the narrow space for the new footpath. I talked to a number of local residents who were there about the issue. The residents want the footpath, but also to keep the trees. It will take a bit more effort and expense, but looks very possible.
I called Council staff and asked them where they were up to on the job. They called me back shortly after that the council would look at other options. They need time to sort out how to make this work. I am now hopeful that this can be done in a way that preserves the trees. Full credit to fellow Councillor Andrew Ferguson for alerting me and doing the ground-work with local residents that made the event work.

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